Q. What is a shaded windshield?
A. The shade is a band of darker blue, green, or gray across the top of your windshield.

Q. Why does a side view mirror for my vehicle have to be ordered?
A. The mirror needs to be ordered because it is a special type of mirror that lets light pass through so that the sun doesn’t reflect back into the line of vision. Also, the passenger mirror is curved to offer a wider field of vision.

Q. What part of my insurance covers automobile glass breakage?
A. Comprehensive coverage will cover auto glass replacement and repair.

Q. Why is a deposit required?
A. It is our policy to require a deposit on any glass that is being specially ordered for you.

Q. What is the labor rate?
A. Our labor rate is $50.00 per man per hour. The time starts when our technician leaves the shop and stops when the technician returns to the shop.

Q. Is an appointment needed for windshield replacement?
A. Yes, since there are so many different windshield options we are unable to stock all of them. We will have to order the new windshield for your vehicle.

Q. Are Saturday appointments available for auto glass replacements?
A. Yes, by appointment only.  Please call for availability.

Q. Is mobile service available? Is there an extra charge?
A. Yes we do offer mobile service and there is no charge, however in the case of rain our technicians need a garage to work in and in the case of temperatures below 40 degrees our technicians need a heated garage to work in. We have these requirements to ensure the best performance from our urethane.

Q. Is there a warranty on windshield repairs and replacements?
A. Yes, the warranty for a windshield repair is against the chip cracking out from the spot where we repaired it. If that happens we will credit the customer or insurance (whoever paid) for the price of the repair towards a windshield replacement. Replacements come with a 2 year warranty against leakage. Rust on the pinchweld prohibits our ability to offer a warranty, if there is rust on the pinchweld of your vehicle you will be informed at the time of installation.

Q. Do you give estimates and how much are they?
A. We offer free estimates.